Wall-Flex Plus Approved by the Danish Road Directorate “System 93-4”

News: Wall-Flex Plus Approved by Danish Road Directorate System 93-4:

We have the pleasure of announcing that Wall-Flex Plus has now been approved by the Road Directorate under System 93-4 “Acrylic plastic thick film paint treatment”

Wall-Flex Plus features:

1: Prevents carbonation.

2: Prevents chloride penetration.

3: Prevents water from penetrating through cracks that open and close.

4: Prevents water penetration.

5: Can withstand crack movements, see data sheet.

6: Water-repellent surface.

7: Allows evaporation of water from the concrete.

8: Durability more than 15 years.

9: MAL-code 00-1.

10: Low Thickness 400 My TF.

“Approved by Danish Road Directorate System 93-4” Use Wall-Flex Plus


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