The Little Belt Bridge repair with Antiox

jan 10, 2019 | Rostskydd

Description Lillebæltsbroen:


The ongoing maintenance of the Little Belt Bridge of 1935 has been carried out with Antiox in recent years.

Surface treatment of the Lillebæltbroen of 1935 is done with Antiox and Industrimaling.

In 2013-2015, the Lillebæltbroen of 1935 was surface treated with Antiox and Industrimaling for a C5-M High.

The chosen system provides a durable and smooth finish that can withstand the many movements that occur when using the bridge. Antiox and Industrimaling provide a super-corrosion-resistant surface that can last for many years.

”Why not use WaterBased systems when they are Super anticorrosive”
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